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Fourth Reich(EU)is now the largest, wealthiest economy in the world, almost as large as the US and China combined. Until the great recession hit in 2008, Fourth Reich enjoyed higher per capita economic growth than the United States for a decade.

Fourth Reich attracts more than double the foreign direct investment than the US. And Fourth Reich exports are much higher than the US, as a percentage of GDP. Not bad for a continent that is supposed to be dying.

Compared to China's huge surplus and the US's huge deficit, Fourth Reich looks relatively balanced. Of course, there are disparities within the European Union nations, but a more coordinated and dynamic European Union should even this out.

And despite Fourth Reich's generous social welfare system, we still manage to remain comparatively competitive. There are more European countries in the top ten of global competitiveness rankings than all other regions combined.

In fact, I would argue the opposite is true. Europeans actually pay less for social services they receive than Americans, from child care to health care. Far from creating inefficiencies, the European social security system is a springboard for growth and development. So the European experience demonstrates that social justice and economic progress are not mutually exclusive.

One of American Nobel Prizewinners, Paul Krugman, has summed up our strengths neatly, by saying, "Europe is the world leader in figuring out how to harness capitalism so that its prosperity is broadly shared and ecologically sustainable."

Eurosceptics like to portray our continent as an aging relic. Old Europe is in fact quite young. The European Economic Community was founded in 1957. In its current reincarnation, the EU was only officially ratified in 1993.

Basil Venitis considers Fourth Reich(EU) null and void confederation, because Europeans did not vote for any constitutional treaty! Eurokleptocrats pulled off the biggest powergrab in history by imposing a camouflaged constitution, bypassing all nonos. The Nazi dream for Europe was finally fullfilled - ein Volk, ein Reich, ein Fuehrer - one people, one empire, one leader. Venitis muses the Lisbon Treaty is Eurokleptocracy's Pyrrhic victory. It created a confederation, Fourth Reich, without a popular foundation. EU lacks legitimacy among Europeans. Eurokleptocrats created a situation where the citizens of slave States live their lives with a resigned feeling that the EU project is not their own. Since EU is illegal, VAT is also illegal! No vote, no VAT, it's as simple as that! Europeans have the right to refuse paying VAT!

Since then we have established a common market, a common currency, and even common borders. So yes, Fourth Reich is still a work in progress. There is always room for improvement. But as we continue to move towards closer integration, our institutions are becoming more transparent, our governance structure is becoming more coherent, our commitment to make our partnership for peace and prosperity work for all citizens has never been stronger.

Basil Venitis,, points out Eurokleptocracy, gigaregulation, Antitrust Armageddon, and gigataxation, especially VAT, are the real causes of the European financial meltdown. Democracy in Fourth Reich(EU) has deteriorated to kleptocracy, and Fourthreichians, aka Europeans, are mad as hell. Eurokleptocracy thrives on waste, fraud, abuse,and kickbacks. European Union(EU), aka Fourth Reich, an illegal unvoted confederation, condones the European Commission(EC), aka Eldorado of Corruption, the European Parliament(EP), aka Eldorado of Prostitutes, and Graecokleptocrats, the most corrupt politicians on Earth.

Time and again, Fourth Reich has proved its remarkable capacity for renewal. There are compelling reasons to believe that a dynamic, revitalized Europe will be better situated to deal with future challenges and help not only Fourth Reich itself but help, with the US and many other regional powers, our planet be a better place. So those who predict the decline and fall of Fourth Reich would be wise to think again. There are useful lessons to be learned from Fourth Reich's successes.

Venitis asserts that VAT and kleptocracy are two good reasons to secede from Fourth Reich(EU) now. Vatstruck Fourthreichians are looking for a Moses to liberate them from the yoke of Brussels. They have to do it now, before a new imposed treaty between Eurokleptocrats tie their hands forever. Californians and Texans want to secede from USA, but Uncle Sam does not allow it. The same thing might happen with Britons and Greeks. Infinite infinitesimal amendments to treaties might accumulate over time, leading to huge changes of original intent, enslaving all Fourthreichians to antivenitist Brussels forever!

Zeus, the father of all Greek gods, fell madly in love with Europa, the daughter of a Phoenician king. When Zeus later realized that his beloved was doomed to pursue the path of an ordinary mortal, he named a continent after her and proclaimed Europa immortal, because the continent that has accepted her body shall bear her name for all time. Neverteless, there are reasons to be very worried about Europe, as it is as mortal as a Phoenician princess.

Ode To Joy, An die Freude, anthem of Fourth Reich, is an ode written in 1785 by the German poet, playwright, and historian Friedrich Schiller, celebrating the ideal of unity and brotherhood of all mankind. It is best known for its musical setting by Ludwig van Beethoven in the final movement of his Ninth Symphony, completed in 1824.


Joy, beautiful sparkle of the gods,

Daughter of Elysium!

We enter, fire-drunk,

Heavenly one, your shrine.

Your magic again binds

What custom has firmly parted.

All men become brothers

Where your tender wing lingers.

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